Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cheeseballing, Pwning, and UNC.

My new favorite discovery is the existence of these Pwned Earrings. I think I kind of need them. I could manage to rock them methinks.

They are simple but still geek chic, mais non?

I feel more introspective as of late. I walk around campus and look up at the sky and the trees and listen to warm and/or fuzzy music and think about life and myself and what I want to accomplish in the next few months, years, and decades. I've felt this way for the past two weeks. It is nice and cheeseball. Yes ladies and gentlemen, as well as being an incredible geek with an embarrassing love for LBJ, I am once of those saps who twirls down College Avenue on a sunny day listening to Wrap Your Arms Around Me by Barenaked Ladies thinking about how I'm going to bypass this healthcare issue and have adventures traveling once I turn 25.

I'm kind of making myself nauseated just thinking about it. I promise, this is just in my head. I'm the same heinous bitch on the outside, I promise.

I had a fantastic day today... I just wish that my efforts in finding outfits for next weekend were more fruitful. Doesn't mean it wasn't fun looking though. Shopping is always great though.

I'm not HUGE into College basketball, but I do like UNC. Tonight, they lost to Kansas, but at least they put up a good fight, made to the final four, and Pwned doing it.

Me want ball.
(from CollegeHumor) Fucking sweet. Bummer they lost tonight, but they really did play a good season. That's really all that counts. w00t!

Netspeak rulz!1