Friday, February 15, 2008


So, I caught the plague. It's awful, gross, and lame as hell. I'm going to blame this 103 degree fever for the fact that my love for Coyote Ugly has grown to shameful proportions. It really is ridiculous. Today has also included far more ABC Family than is healthy or normal.

Even though I have Pneumonia, I still get to go to my French class tomorrow. Why? Because my Professor is a sadist bastard. Welcome to Mediocre-State University's power-tripping educators. w00t. I hope he catches this sickness and ends up just as miserable as I am.

Bless the person who invented NyQuil.

I can't work, and Khaki is out of town, so odds are, I'm going to be laying in bed all weekend. Thank goodness for FanPop. It's my new tv-links, only better. Or different. Or both. Make sure that when you search for whatever you want to watch, you type in "full episode" or "full movie." For Example: "Coyote Ugly Full Movie" or "Tru Calling Season 1 Full Episode." That's right. My Eliza Dushku thing seems less mortifying under my present delirium as well. It's Five-by-Five, peeps!

God damn. I need to be asleep now.

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Michelle said...

I wish my fevers made me more able to tolerate awful movies. Instead, it makes it so I can't enjoy good ones.

The last time I was deathly ill, I had a sinus infection and ended up watching Cabaret. The only problem being that my face hurt like hell, which made it difficult to wear the glasses I needed to see the damn movie. :(