Monday, February 11, 2008

Divorce, Juno, and a sneak peek of my future.

Why is there an ad on my blog for divorce?


You Can Stop Your Divorce
"Easy strategies that can save your marriage and stop your divorce."


Oh Google... how I love thee. You and your super crazy ads that actually subtract from my poverty when people click on you. Maybe it makes me a sellout, but I'd rather be a sellout with an iPhone then a non-sellout living in a box.

Oh wait. I'm a French major. That's going to happen anyways.

My super crazy tidbit at the minute?

That's right. A Juno game for the Wii. Speaking of sellouts... Joystiq reports rumors of a Juno video game. Talk about capitalizing on success.

Is it awful that this makes me want a Wii ever more? Alas, flunking out of college isn't in the cards for me, so I'll hold off until I graduate.


Anonymous said...

Games based on movies always blows.
~Some girl you know

Michelle said...

I loved Juno, dude. That was such a good movie. And what the hell is a game about Juno going to consist of? Find the chair and get her knocked up! WEEEEEE! Avoid being molested by the skeezy husband! WEEEE!